We are honored to present the ZERO BONE LOSS CONCEPTS U.S. TOUR featuring Prof. Tomas Linkevicius. 

 In a series of evening seminars and full-day lectures with hands-on,  we are bringing the creator of ZBLC, Prof. Tomas Linkevicius to 12 U.S. cities. 

 Have you ever experienced bone loss around implants in cases that you thought went perfectly?  The main objective of this lecture series is to discuss how to develop and maintain crestal bone stability around delayed as well as immediate implants. You will learn the key factors in the surgical phase as well as the prosthetic phase that will improve your overall biologic outcome of your implants cases long-term.  Prof. Linkevicius will delve deeper into the topic of immediate implants with long-term-predictability.

  • Why should we do immediate implants?
  • Why is the immediate approach still considered risky?
  • What are the benefits of prosthetically-guided immediates?
  • What are the parameters for immediates to be successful? 

If you are placing or restoring implants, don’t miss this unique opportunity to join us for a personal introduction to the ZBLC protocols from the creator himself.  The knowledge that this course impart will change your patients’ outcomes.